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Purveyors of Fine Wines on Tap

The terms “fine wines” and “on tap” may seem incongruous at first.
However, at Richer Pour, the passion for great wine and entrepreneurial spirit are changing the way people think about fine wines.

Founder David Gordon is using state-of-the-art keg technologies to put high quality wines from producers and their own winemaking teams on tap in 100% recyclable kegs.  For bars, restaurants, private events and concession environments, Richer Pour is elevating the standard and experience of wine by the glass.

Innovators and Winemakers

A True innovator, David seeks out wineries with a surplus of high quality wines. If a winery produces more than they need, the excess is available at reduced prices. Richer Pour isn’t just looking for a great deal. They’re seeking great wine. In fact, David tastes every wine and only buys wines that he really loves.

When David is not buying fine wines, he is making it. Richer Pour’s expert winemaking team also sources high quality wines to craft into their own proprietary, custom blends.

You’ll Taste the Difference

Opened bottles of wine don’t stay fresh for more than a few days. If they’re not used  within a certain time, they’re inevitably tossed. In contrast, wine on tap is always fresh. With Richer Pour’s exciting wine-on-tap technology, you get better taste, with less waste. That’s good news for sippers and pourers, alike.


The team


“Wine is the most civilized thing in the world.” –Ernest Hemingway

How it Works


Our Recyclable Kegs

While wine from a keg may be new to some of you, keg technology has been around for decades – primarily metal kegs. However, we don’t use metal kegs.  Richer Pour kegs are not meant to be stored and returned (an often cumbersome task as far as restaurants are concerned).

Our kegs are designed to be recycled and disposed of when empty. There is no deposit, storage or tracking of empty kegs. Just serve all the wine, detach the keg and you are done! One Richer Pour keg is the equivalent to over 2 cases of wine, eliminating 44 pounds of glass.
Tap Installation

Don’t worry – we aren’t going to send you off to a third party to figure out how to install a tap system. We know you don’t have time for that. Part of the Richer Pour mantra is service: we do the work for you.

Start serving tap wine in a matter of hours (no joke). We will work with you to assess your space and pouring needs and handle the installs ourselves. Our secret sauce is our ability to provide you with simple pouring technology that works exclusively with our kegs.



“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.” –W.C. Fields

Where to Sip

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Our Wines

2011 Cabernet – North Coast, CA
2013 Garnacha – Calatayud, Spain
2013 Sangiovese – Italy
2013 Rosé – Languedoc, France

“Wine is sunlight, held together by water.” –Galileo


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